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« Le Yoga nous aide à comprendre ce que la vie enseigne et à le transformer en une action juste » - Lina Franco

Stages : sortir de notre temporalité, voyager au cœur du Yoga

La pratique du Yoga nous guide vers des découvertes inouïes. D'abord, les prises de consciences sur le fonctionnement réel du corps et de l'esprit nous permettent de maximiser leur plein potentiel et assumer que nous ne sommes pas limités à ce que nous croyons être. Enfin, les ressources insoupçonnées de l'énergie et de l'âme nous invitent à élargir nos perspectives sur le vivant de manière à rêver, reprogrammer et accomplir l'idéal que l'on souhaite incarner.

Stage de Yoga à Dublin (IRLANDE) du 11 au 13 mai 2018

DESIRE : a commonplace of misunderstanding ? Too often desire is misunderstood in Yoga (âvydia).

We treat it as an expression of râga, the equivalent of a "strong feeling of some kind" that we usually translate with synonyms such us cupidity, fervour, voracity, attraction.

We limit our perception and comprehension of desire in a way that brings us to see just the negative face of desire. However, there is another side to this "inner force" that maintains our body alive and that Vedic and later Hindu Tradition define with the term Prâna : the breath of life or vital principle.

When in our practice we search for balance, serenity, concentration, of even of this final state of absolute detachment and release (kaivalya) which one of the two between râga and prâna is the real drive, the real force that motivates our research ?

What is calling us ?

Can we objectively separate (viniyoga) this two experiences and state beyond all possible ambiguity that desire is not a form, or an expression of Prâna ?

Last year, the participants to the retreat where all viniyoga qualified teachers based in Ireland, and few in England. Some trained with Paul Harvey in England, some with Ranju and Dave (Sadhana Mala), some others did their training with Hanne Gillespie (Clonlea Yoga Studio). Seven people of the group have worked directly with Peter Hersnack.


Stage de Yoga en langue anglaise.

Dates : from the 11th to the 13th of May 2018
Place : IRLANDE, Dublin, Clonlea Yoga Studio | Locate
Contact : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
Price : 200 € For all bookings made before the 10th of December, the price of the retreat is 185 € instead of 200 €
One-To-one class : to book your slot, please contact Eleanor Dawson | email | +353858416800

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